The  Crown House is a 400 year old thatched cottage and its been at the heart of this community since its mention in the Domesday book.

More recently its been a pub, since 1871 and until early 2000’s. We bought it from The Coates who lived in one half of the house with their young family and rented out the other half after renovating it from a pub.

We moved in with our three boys in 2006. They are all now grown up and living away independently. One is a chartered surveyor, a professional rugby player and a professional gamer. It was a great family home with plenty of coming and going and lots of fun. We started the B&B soon after we moved in and have met some fantastic guests who come back to visit regularly.

Rachael trained new business and manager’s weekly from the house while working for Richard Branson’s Cosmetics Company. Gary a sports & fitness coach recently trained to become a strategic intervention coach to add to his existing wellbeing clinic and gyms.

During the pandemic of 2019 we had to close both businesses and with not much financial support. Times were hard so we lived off our savings which we had put aside over the years to re-thatch the roof.

As we are passionate about local food we were asked for meat boxes from my brothers farm and fruit & veg boxes from our neighbours as nothing was available on the supermarket shelves. Very quickly we had set up a community food hub supporting ITU nurses who finished late shifts after the covid outbreak. Word spread and soon lots of vulnerable people, carers in the community, care home staff, local residents found out about us and were using our safe contactless collection service to access fresh quality produce from local suppliers. We were very kindly nominated and won an Award for our service in the pandemic and were featured in some of our customers Parish Magazines and interviewed on the local radio about our story.

Two years on and our B&B is now open again to visitors. However we have had to make it more separate with guest using different spaces for covid safety. We have a small private events area where we open it in warmer months to the local community for walk to or cycle to events, coffee mornings etc. Community and mental health and well being throughout all ages being a focus. We are a dementia friendly establishment and offer support to families who are living with dementia and dementia friendly afternoon teas.

Rachael is now training to be a naturopathic nutritionist which will fit alongside Gary’s existing business of life and sports coaching. With the accommodation which sleeps 2/3 people on hand we can also offer a full well being retreat service to help anyone get away from the strains and stresses of life and leave here feeling relaxed, refreshed and with some new tools to help cope.

If you would like any further information on what we can offer please call us or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

Hope to hear from you soon

Rachael & Gary